• October 30, 2020

Decongest the Circulation and the Mind

When I was a boy, I loved to gather horse chestnuts in the fall. I loved the feel of them and would put them in my pockets. I didn’t know any use for them, except to sometimes throw them in the fireplace so they would heat up and explode, but I still loved them. I have a theory about plants, which is that we’re instinctively drawn to plants that are good for us. So as we discuss this commonly planted ornamental tree, I’ll share with you some reasons why I might have been drawn to it.Horsechestnut…

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  • October 27, 2020

Trick or Deceit?

Every Halloween millions of American children dress up in costumes and utter the chilling phrase, “trick or treat.” Although this is a hollow threat, most kids just want the treat, there is a trick being played. And that is the fact that people have been deceived into thinking that a little sugar is just harmless fun. The general assumption is that refined sugar is okay as long as you don’t eat too much. But how much is too much? At one time sugary foods would have actually been a real treat,…

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  • October 20, 2020

The Many Uses of Pumpkins

Halloween is coming and pumpkins will soon be carved into Jack-o-Lanterns and lit up all over America. So, I thought it would be fun to talk about pumpkins and share some interesting facts about this native American food. To start, I want to share a humorous segment from the story, How I Edited an Agricultural Newspaper, by Mark Twain. He reports that he simply couldn’t understand why his readers were upset when he wrote things like: "Concerning the Pumpkin. -- This berry is a favorite with the…

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  • October 13, 2020

An Herb to Remember as You Grow Older

There are many health problems associated with aging. Memories may begin to fade, hairlines may recede and circulation may not be as vigorous. And in general the body tends to dry out and lose vitality. When facing these issues, one of the herbal allies you should remember is rosemary. Rosemary and MemoryRosemary has long been used to protect the brain and memory as a person ages. It enhances cognitive function and is one of the strongest herbal antioxidants, having an ORAC value of 165,280, which…

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  • October 8, 2020

Why Government Can Be Just, But Can't Be Charitable

This is a continuing series of chapters I'm writing in a book I will call Let Freedom Ring. If you haven't been following it, I suggest you start at the beginning. In the previous chapter, I explained why a just government cannot extend mercy. It may aid people in seeking restitution, but it cannot offer mercy without robbing justice. In this chapter, I’ll explain why the government cannot be charitable. First, however, I have to explain what I mean by charity, and to do this, I will return to…

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  • October 2, 2020

Winterize Your Immune System

As the warm summer months fade into the bright colors of autumn, the earth gets ready for the cold sleep of winter. This change signals the impending arrival of cold and flu season and the time when you should start thinking about making sure your immune system is ready. There are several possible reasons why people are more prone to catching colds, flu, and other viral infections in the winter. First, heat tends to inhibit viruses, which is why the body often generates a fever to fight them. Second,…

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